Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A last minute Christmas printable (or 3!), with love from Cake Ink.

Over here at Cake Ink., I have a bit of a theory going that 'pressure makes diamonds' - meaning that there is nothing like a bit of last-minute pressure to make me bring the goods!!! ;) Those that know me well know that I am often late, and often leave things to the last minute, but that I usually manage to pull it off somehow... usually. Janelle has even nicknamed me 'Diamond' - teehee.

So, in the spirit of all things last-minute, and the spirit of giving and saying thank you to all our lovely beautiful clients, readers, customers, likers, pinners, followers and friends, I am finally getting around to photographing these super cute printable paper bunting I designed a few weeks ago for a gorgeous customer of ours. Yes, that's right, these babies have been sitting around my studio now for a couple weeks, looking at me and saying 'C'mon - take our picture so you can put us online!', but it seems I just keep finding other things to do... guess that happens when you're busy! But with less than a week til the big man in red arrives, I figure I better hurry up and get these uploaded so our lovely peeps can get printing and decorating!

So, there are 3 designs to choose from, and it's pretty simple - just print onto heavy paper or card, cut them out, punch some holes to thread with string or ribbon, and hello! super pretty bunting to add some festive cheer to your home, office, studio, caravan.... Feel free to share the love, and print as many as you like to make for your mum, neighbour, your cousin's neighbour - get printing!!! Choose from vintage, traditional or modern (just click to download!).

Oh, back to the reason why these even exist - a gorgeous customer from our etsy store asked me if I would be interested in creating this artwork for her mother's group, and I thought it would be a nice way to give back in some way to our customers - so I donated the artwork to their group for their Christmas crafting session!! There are some cute pics below of their creations - how clever they are!!! And my version of the bunting are just threaded onto boring old twine... how 2011 of me ;)

Images by Kelly, from MOPS Cherry Creek Presbyterian

So, on a final note, Merry Christmas to all our beautiful readers, and a happy and safe holiday season! Janelle and I are truly so humbled and thrilled for every like or comment on our work, or a new follower - we want to thank everyone who has supported us and Cake Ink. over the past 12 months, and we promise to return early in 2013 with some MASSSSIVE things in store!!!! Happy holidays to you and yours, be safe and happy!!!

~ Samone & Janelle xo

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Catherine Holt said...

Love Christmas and love Christmas printables. These are so cute :-)