Monday, October 15, 2012

custom NYC illustration by NYC illustrator

illustration by Holly Graham

Hi! Remember us??!! gosh it's been busy around here! and it's ramping up to be our biggest wedding season yet, so exciting!

We celebrated Janelle & Stu's wedding here in Oz a little over a week ago (and I think I am still recovering!), and we can't wait to share pics soon! But firstly I wanted to share with you the work of the amazing Holly Graham.

I was so sad that I wasn't going to be in NYC to share Janelle's big special day with her, and so I wanted to find the perfect gift for her and Stu that showed just how much me and my husbo wished we had've been able to share the day with them. So I somehow had the idea of a custom illustration of a map of New York that outlined where in the city they spend their special day, and so I started browsing etsy, as you do, and came across Holly's shop - who better to illustrate NYC than a NYC illustrator!!

I loved her unique illustrative style, particularly the colour and the great digital feel it has, so I sent her an email, and there it began! Holly was amazing to work with - super accommodating, she listened to my brief which was pretty broad and extensive!, and managed to create this beautiful, concise depiction of the J&S NYC wedding - the details in the illo are perfect, and Holly did such an amazing job!!!! I highly recommend her work and services, and I can't wait to work with her more in the future!!

See some more of Holly's work here, and also visit her blog for some more! I love it and can't get enough - Holly thank you so so much for the amazing job you did, the illustration is the perfect gift!!! I couldn't have been happier, and the bride and groom's reaction was the icing on the cake

On another note, we are super excited to be in Cosmo Bride this month!! Yay! One of our lovely brides from earlier in the year, Aleisha McCormack, has a little feature article in there and we are so proud of the work we created with her!! Visit our earlier blog post for a little reminder of all the yellow polka-dotty goodness!!!

Cake Ink. in Cosmo Bride

Anyway, I must get back to designing my son's birthday invites (I am the WORST procrastinator when it comes to designing stuff for myself!!! sigh...)

Lovage!! Samone xo

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