Thursday, March 8, 2012

hanging mobile art DIY


Well, it's no secret that we love a little DIY over here at Cake Ink. And after much research and pinning (see inspiration board over here), we finally stopped procrastinating and made this lovely colourful mobile for little Lewis' room. It's a nice distraction over his change table and we are really pleased with how it turned out! And it was oh-so-easy too!

We just used our 25mm round craft punch, punched a heap of scrap card we had lying about, and fed them through the sewing machine to create 18 long, spot-tacular lengths which we then tied onto a regular old wooden embroidery hoop, and using some green twine attached it to a hook on the ceiling!! Easy! Each strip of spots has 19 circular discs, and the cardstocks we used were all varieties of thickness and some have a metallic shimmer too. We tried to add a bit of order and symmetry to the whole thing by using a graduation of colour, but you could mix it up and just put random colours all mixed in together, and we are even thinking of making one with bigger circles using patterned paper too, maybe to hang in Janelle's cake room... :)

As you can see, Lewis thinks it's very pretty (just like him), so if you have a nice breezy spot in the house that needs a little sumthin', this is a really easy, cheap project that doesn't take too long and looks pretty great we reckon!! Plus it looks lovely in the nursery hanging in the foreground with our gorgeous Giggleberry Creations bunting in the background!

If you do make one, be sure to send us a pic we would love to see!!! Put it on our facebook page!

Happy crafting! Samone xo 

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