Monday, December 13, 2010

FREE printable downloads for a very Aussie Christmas


Our Christmas this year is all about casual gatherings with friends and family, and combining our love of lush Moroccan-style trimmings and treats with a fresh Aussie summer! Sweet treats like baklava and turkish delight, washed down with a delicious zesty spiced orange iced tea, and even some cute little jars of tea for our guests to take home with them!

As a thank-you to you, for just being lovely enough to read this far into our post, download our printable Christmas gift tags and wrap here! Print them off and use them as many times as you like; as you can see from the images above you can use these prints and tags in lots of different ways. Let your imagination run wild!! We would love to see pics of your pressies all wrapped up in our paper, and what ideas you come up with, so send them through - upload them to our facebook page!

Thank you so much for all your inspiration and lovely comments over 2010!! We can't wait to get stuck into 2011 and see what it brings for Cake Ink.!

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Jenny @ Hank + Hunt said...

This is so pretty and warm! Fabulous!